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Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography
Volume 33 No 1 & 2  2002

The Implications of Penang’s Historical Connection with Southern Thailand
Phuwadol Songprasert


Rediscovering Historic Communal Sites and Commemorating their Histories:  The Case of the Clan Jetties in Penang
Ric Francis

Conserving the Shophouse City
Patricia Tussa Fels
The Borderless Economy, Rent Decontrol and the Built Environment in George Town, Penang
Lee Boon Thong
Social Life in Two Colonial Port-towns:  Dutch-Melaka and English-Penang, 1780-1830
Nordin Hussin
Meeting Increasing Demand with Limited Resources:  The Story of Penang Island’s Water Supply
Lee Yow Ching
Penang Hill:  Landscape Evolution, Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Tourism
S. Robert Aiken
Penang to Songkhla, Penang to Pattani:  Two Roads, Past and Present
Phil King