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Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography
Volume 41 No 1 & 2  2010

Natural Hazard and Disaster Studies in Geography:  Conceptual Developments and Underpinnings
Vishwa B.S. Chandel and Karanjot Kaur Brar


Global Terrorism:  Problems of Definition and Perception and Strategizing for a Meaningful Reduction
John Onu Odihi

Levels and Determinants of Infant and Child Health and Nutrition in Rural Haryana, India
Spatial Patterns of Internal Migration in India, 2001
Gaurav Kalotra
Matrimonial Rituals and Change in Age at Marriage among Scheduled Tribes of Himachal Pradesh, India
B.R. Thakur
Livelihood Diversification, Activity Optimization and Implication to Resource Management and Rural Economy in Kainji Lake Basin, Nigeria
A.A. Tafida, A.A. Adebayo, M. Galtima and M. Barma