The Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography is an international journal and welcomes original papers on the human, physical and theoretical aspects of geography and the environment of tropical and sub-tropical areas.  The length of papers should not exceed 6,000 words.  The Editorial Board is not responsible for the opinions and statements of contributors to The Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography.  Authors will each receive twenty free reprints.  Additional reprints may be ordered in advance.

Papers must be unpublished and are not being considered elsewhere, and should be in double-spaced typescript on one side of the paper and in strict conformity with the format of the journal.  Two copies should be submitted.  Manuscripts in computer diskettes are appreciated.

Title Page
The title page should bear the title of the paper, and the name, position, professional affiliation and full address of the author.  For ease of citing, the author’s family name should be in capitals and personal name in upper and lower cases. 

FIRST LEVEL HEADINGS are flush left on a separate line, in capitals and hold.  The first text line is flush left.  Second level headings are in italics, flush left on a separate line, the first word and proper nouns are capitalised.  Third level headings are similar to second level headings but the text follows on the same line.

Tables are numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and typed on separate sheets with concise titles.  All measurements must be given in metric units.

Maps, graphs and other illustrations are referred to as Figures, and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals.  Captions should be typed on separate sheets.
Figures must meet standards of cartographic or graphic design in a form suitable for publication or reduction either in single column width (75 mm) or double column (150 mm) and to a depth of 200 mm.  Coloured pictures and maps may be published, the cost will be borned by the contributor.

The use of acronyms should be restricted to the minimum.  An appearing in the text for the first time should be spelt out in full followed by the acronym in brackets.

Insert superscript number in the text and referred to in numerical order for each page.  Footnotes are inserted at the bottom of the appropriate  page.  Foot notes are to be used sparingly.

References to published works should be indicated at appropriate places in the text - according to the format: (author year).  References cited in the text should be listed alphabetically at the end of the paper under the heading REFERENCES.  Works listed in the REFERENCES but are not cited in the text should be deleted.
The list of REFERENCES (in double spacing for all lines) should be prepared to conform to the format below:
Paper: HO, Robert 1970.  Land ownership and economic prospects of Malayan peasants, Modern Asian Studies 4(1): 83-92).
Book: GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA 1986.  Fifth Malaysia Plan 1986-1990.  Kuala Lumpur:  National Printing Department.
Chapter of book: KHOO SOO HOCK 1984.  Land development and migration in Peninsular Malaysia.  In Paiva, J.F.X. and Shamsul Bahrin, Tunku (eds), Rural Migration Policies and Development.  Kuala Lumpur:  Asian and Pacific Development Centre: 265-285.
Thesis: EYLES, R.J. 1968.  A Morphometric Analysis of West Malaysia.  Unpublished Ph.D thesis.  Kuala Lumpur:  Department of Geography, University of Malaya.
Other publications: Publications such as occasional or conference papers and reports should be accompanied by complete bibliographic details.

Bibliographic details of books should always include the place of publication and the publisher.
Abbreviations for titles of periodicals must conform to those sanctioned by the latest edition of the World List Scientific Periodicals.  Acronyms of national or less well-known international agencies appearing in the list REFERENCES should be spelt out in full followed by the acronyms in brackets.