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  • program overview

    It is a common misconception that geography is about "what is where". Although geography does primarily deal with physical analysis of a location, it also provides explanation of why the phenomenon is there. Geography, in short, answers the questions of "why, what is and where?". Geography emphasizes the locational analysis of human activities and their relationships with the environment. These interactions between different systems are not often studied together, except within the discipline of geography. The programme offered reflects the multidisciplinary nature of Geography. Students have the opportunity to study a number of different areas simaltaneously, for example, Biogeography, Cultural and Historical Geography, Economic Geography, Environment and Resource Management, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Transportation Geography, Physical Geography, Social Geography, and Urban Geography.

    programs offered

    o Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Geography
    o Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Environmental Studies
    o Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Geography

    career opportunities

    o Town and Country Planner
    o Environmental Consultantcy
    o Area Study Specialist
    o Human Resource Planner
    o Public Transportation Management and Planning
    o Diplomat
    o Management positions in the water sector.

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