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    To be an Internationally Renowned Geography Department in Research, Innovation, Publication and Teaching.





    To Advance Knowledge and Learning through Quality Research and Education in the fields of Geography of Malaysia and the Tropical Regions





    o To promote the relevance of geographical knowledge to society at large, in view of the critical role of the environment at the present time.
    o To encourage geography-based research activity among students and lecturers, to increase the body of geographical knowledge.
    o To publish and position the "Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography (MJTG)" as an internationally recognized journal.
    oTo increase the distribution of knowledge via publications, seminars and conferences with the mission of enriching geographical studies at the national and international levels.
    o To develop an efficient, creative and innovative team of academic and support staff.
    oTo co-operate with all sectors of society through effective professional networking.
    o Ultimately to produce graduate and postgraduate students of high quality.